Link Popularity – Letting the People “Know”

Whatever the scope, whatever the trend- online business is still younger than offline business. There are many companies who are renowned in the offline business they do. They didn’t do any SEO or SEM to rank higher, and still their products/services are famous and are selling well in the market. Then how did they do that? Link Popularity!OK, let us take it this way- when you plan of opening your business (business on real land), what are the pre-requisites you think of? Capital-yes. Resources-yes. Real Estate-yes. These are to be precise- the “basic prerequisites” for any such business. Then there is a need to let people “know” about our business. You may do that by- throwing a business warming party, distributing business cards and pamphlets, letting your friends and relatives spread it through word of mouth, etcetera and etcetera. Notice that the prominent point in this advertisement campaign is to promote the location of the business. That is, the ‘address’ that can draw people to your business area. Now drawing this inference to Online Business, I would like to discuss the role of Link Popularity in Online Business.Link Popularity, as we just discussed, may not be the “building blocks” of online business but is extremely vital for its growth. Once the business is set up, it’s important that it gains visibility and comes into notice. In short, it’s necessary that people “know” about it in order it makes sale. With Link Popularity, there are sound chances that your site ranks higher in search engines. And it’s pretty clear if you see that- the more people know about your business address (here URL), the more are the chances of visits and sale.Here again I would like to draw inference from the example of advertising an offline business. If your business is in Area A, and you advertise about it in Area Z, the result would be anything but positive. Same is the case with Link Popularity. Link Popularity demands a practical approach. Drawing the inbound links from many websites is less important than drawing the links from quality websites. The trick is to choose the websites/ article submission sites/ social book marking sites that could be instrumental in letting your website rank higher. It may seem a small SEO technique, but with a great potential. So handle it well, and let the world know who you are!

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